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Business Development


Timmune's core value is in its technology platforms producing first-in-class therapeutics to target at intracellular cancer antigens, to redirect T cells, and to improve in-tumor micro-environment.  Our products are both fusion protein molecules and cell based.

Our technology platform produces, in batches, MAR antibodies, fully human single domain antibodies that bind to MHC antigen complexes, called "MHC Antigen Receptors" or "TCR-like Antibodies".

TriTE technology is a fusion protein platform that has 3 functions: T cell engagement, T cell stimulation, and check point blocking.  The cancer antigen binding domain can be replaceable – using our proprietary MAR single domain antibodies, or using any other antibodies or TCRs.  

TriCAR-T technology is CAR-T with unique MAR-TriTE constructs, which bind to MHC antigen complexes to target at intracellular targets, and stimulate T cells and block check point at the same time.  TriCAR-T/gp100 and TriCAR-T/wt1 are planned for clinical studies in 2018.

Timmune is seeking global strategic partners to develop/out-license MAR/TriTE (such as WT1/TriTE, GP100/TriTE), TriCAR-T (such as TriCAR-T/wt1, TriCAR-T/gp100), and/or MAR binding domains.  

We are presenting our corporate and technology progresses at the following conferences: European LifeScience CEO Forum, BioEurope Spring, ChinaBio, ASCO, BIO, BioEurope, SITC, and ASH.  Please contact us to arrange for meetings.