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    Timmune is an emerging biotech company incorporated in China. Timmune is focused on T cell redirected immune-oncology. Timmune's core value is in its technology platforms producing in batches first-in-class therapeutics, for the treatment of cancers, to target at intracellular cancer antigens, to redirect T cells, and to improve in-tumor micro-environment. Our products are both fusion protein molecules and cell based.

    Timmune is led by a team with international experience and expertise in science & discovery, R&D, clinical development, regulatory affairs, business development & partnering, marketing & sales, and financing.

    Beike Biotech, a cell therapy leader in China, is Timmune's founding strategic partner for cell therapy development. Jiangsu Province Hospital, one of the major medical centers in Eastern China, is Timmune's partner for operation of our Timmune-JSPH Center for Clinical Translational Studies.

    Timmune has state-of-the-art laboratory (900 ㎡) and animal experimental facilities (500 ㎡) located in Tianjin, and the Timmune-JSPH Center for Clinical Translational Studies (2,000 ㎡) in Nanjing.

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