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MAR Technology

Timmune has developed the proprietary TriTE (Tri-functional T cell Engager) technology, a co-expressed fusion protein platform T cell redirected cancer immunotherapy.

TriTE is a fusion protein platform with unique binding, T cell engaging, and stimulating features including:

图片.pngR1: antigen binding domain, replaceable with our arsenal of single domain MAR constructs, or with other binding constructs

R2: anti-CD3 for T cell engaging and stimulating

R3 & R4: Sushi domain and IL15 binding pair, wherein IL15 also serves as a T cell stimulator

R5: PD1 for binding to PD-L1 on the cancer cell to block the T cell inhibitory pathway.



Improved micro-environment

for cancer immunotherapy

1) PD1 blocks the PD-L1/PD1 pathway.
2) IL15 stimulates T cells or NK cells.
3) anti-CD3 engages and stimulates T cells.

 Good PK

Prolonged half-life

Easy to purify

Binding to both Protein L and Protein A