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TriCAR-T Technology

Timmune has developed an innovative CAR-T technology, called TriCAR-T, for adoptive T cell cancer therapy.


Timmune's TriCAR-T utilizes a part of the proprietary TriTE construct as a multi-functional binding domain.  As shown, the MAR binding domain (R1) binds to MHC antigen complex, IL15 and PD1 (R4&R5) improve the in-tumor micro-environment for solid tumor immunotherapies.



Advantage over    CAR-T
TriCAR-T binds to both MHC antigen complexes and cell surface targets - more targets for solid tumor immunotherapy.
Advantage over    TCR-T
TriCAR-T has better MHC antigen complex binding specificity and affinity.
Other advantages
The extra-cellular domain contains IL15 and PD1, to stimulate T cells and block the check point.  This will improve the in-tumor micro-environment for immunotherapy.